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16th - 18th Dec

NFT Auction

Our 1/1 NFT, designed by Josh Pierce, was auctioned on SuperRare. All proceeds from the sale have gone into our community treasury to help fund our first ever grant round. See more info about the auction here.

Winning Proposals
2 Breathing NFTs
Funded Grant: Jan Sladecko: 2 Breathing NFTs
Hi, my name is Jan,
In the last few years, I’m searching for a marriage of mental health and motion design. I’ve created a couple of guided breathing pieces, interactive art that mirrors you with connect and leads to stillness, helped start breathing APP, and keep exploring this sector. I was really happy to meet the crew from Moment of Space in London and immediately felt drawn to them and that we are on the same page.
Currently, I’m working on two NFT pieces that I would like to finish. One of them is a combination of techniques where I’m also using AI in a creative way as part of the process to create a breathing fractal for calming the breath. And second is a huge fairytale mushroom that will slowly breathe in nature and bring energy to its surrounding to show interconnectedness of us all. I’m gradually developing an aesthetic of a virtual world that I would like to bring people to interact and I feel it could go fantastic with MoS.
Those animations are just a beginning of the bigger journey that I’d like to take and ideally collaborate with MoS on some of our immersive large scale projects that we are currently brainstorming and planning with like-minded people around me and gives me meaning to spend my full focus on.
Thank you if you read it all the way here. And wish you a great day.
Grant size: 3ETH
Example of a breathing NFT link:

Stillness piece. Yours reflection is chaotic and turbulent and when you stop it mirrors you. More still you get sharper reflection of you will appears.

Winning Proposals
2 Breathing NFTs
Funded Grant: Oasis: Art Gallery Event
Event Proposal from Em_Jays#0919 (Dreamer & Event Planner)
Event Overview:
A collective gathering of community members that utilize the MoS App. During this event, patrons will have the opportunity to meet with other humans who share a deep love and understanding of the practice of meditation. This event will also provide an opportunity to showcase and display Josh Pierce’s Open Edition pieces in an open private art gallery setting. The main intention of this event is to collectively meditate together under one roof. The added presence of Josh’s work will add more depth and relationship with the art within the MoS ecosystem. For those interested to learn more about Web3, it will also be an opportunity to share insights and education to the public.
Those participating in the event are volunteers from the collective who are passionate about sharing MoS with others. We would also extend the invitation to artists, meditation teachers, and builders that align with MoS and its intentions.
It will achieve an IRL meet up for the Web3 family and Web2 community to "unite meditation, tech and co-creation to build a brighter future together." We can set a max capacity dependent on the location we select as well as set a deadline for RSVPs once that location is secured and confirmed.
This event can help increase the visibility of beautiful MoS art NFTs to app users and help strengthen aligning partnerships, organizations in the community, and help MoS become a leader in meditation.
Promotional support and organization are provided by team members and community members with the skills and experience to do so. Those who contribute may be incentivized by an NFT giveaway or meditative coaching.
The exact cost to rent out a space to hold this event will depend on factors like location, size, and the length of the lease. Most spaces in large cities rent out for a few hundred dollars within a minimum of a set number of hours. Larger more popular spaces obviously will run into higher numbers for an extended period. I could imagine an event like this successfully running for only a few hours in one day in a fairly desirable location that works best for the team and with MoS community leaders looking to help host the event. This event can be executed in a personal setting as big as a regular yoga studio in terms of size.
Grant Size: 0.5ETH - 1ETH
I will do my best to find the best value for the total grant value decided.
The timeline would be about 3 months to secure a location and space, to promote and send out invitations, organise interested meditation teachers, and to gather RSVPs to the event.
Goal: To connect and meditate together under one roof within our MoS community and to educate and share the beautiful art within the ecosystem and collective.
Alternate ways to meditate IRL "together" (maybe just not all under the same roof)
Coordinated synchronized global event (or perhaps regular monthly events) wherever two or more MoS community members are able to gather IRL, ye shall share a Moment of Space. Collectively, we share a Moment of Space together with a live meditation via Around or Zoom so everyone can see and hear whoever is leading the meditation. After the meditation we allow all the individual gatherings to chat and share experiences from across the world. **Yes, we should definitely do these monthly :)
This will encourage new friendships and relationships to be developed close to home while getting to know people a bit more globally too... and it is 100% inclusive of the entire MoS community!
1. MoS could establish a global network of local volunteer "MoS Ambassadors" - Ambassadors would establish safe, public spaces for MoS meetups (local libraries, yoga studios, wellness centers, etc.)
2. Ambassadors would post their local Meetup locations to a database that MoS publishes via Web2 (MoS website/Discord... this should be relatively inexpensive to do.)
3. Each member of MoS community would be encouraged to bring a friend to each Global MoS event. **If a MoS community member finds themselves with no other MoS community nearby, inviting a friend will achieve a gathering of two or more.
Bonus Extension to this idea...
Develop a program for Local Ambassadors to apply to represent MoS at regional NFT/Web3 events all over the world. If accepted, MoS would arrange for admission or pay for Ambassador's admission to the event and provide guidelines and promotional materials as appropriate for each type of event. Maybe even coordinate a MoS meditation for the event led by MoS staff via Zoom or Around. Then the local MoS Ambassador could share marketing materials and field basic questions about MoS and her or his experience.
The core proposed timeline and budget is aligned with these two additional proposal options. These additions could stand alone as proposals or be considered together. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
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