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Commit to Revolutionising Wellbeing in Web3
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Voting Now Open

At Moments of Space, we’re building a community-powered platform to share the benefits of meditation so we can transform the scale, pace, and positive impact of awakening.

We asked for your innovative ideas to help us find new ways to connect, collaborate, practise, and fuel a wide-scale awakening. Now is the time for you to vote for projects you’d like to see us support.

We collaborated with Josh Pierce to create a 1/1 collective NFT that raised 3.3ETH at auction. These funds are now being held in the MoS treasury to support community projects submitted and voted on by YOU!

All Open Letter signers were invited to submit proposals for projects or ideas that support the MoS vision and now have a chance to vote.

Sign with your wallet to be able to vote.

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Our Digital Revolution Needs a New Mindset

We are at the dawn of a new era, and web3 is just the beginning. As the space evolves, it awakens never-ending possibilities. But with the energy of innovation comes strain, overwhelm and exhaustion. To be a meaningful part of this movement, it can feel like we must always be on, always connected, always available and always doing.

We’re all working together to radically reclaim the web and our digital identities, but what if we could, at the same time, revolutionise our minds to uplevel our wellbeing?

Wellbeing Contradictions in Web3

Web3 lets us create and dream without barriers, but limitless potential can become all-consuming and burn us out

Hyper-connectivity can make our expansive world feel closer than ever but can also leave us feeling isolated and triggered by the pressure of FOMO and competition

This high-stakes world is captivating, but its rapid progress can command our attention 24/7, and we forget to reclaim it

We are here for this movement, but we want to pioneer a new mindset that can allow us to bring about radical change while still protecting our wellbeing. As we work together to claim digital autonomy, can we reclaim autonomy over our mental and emotional states, too?

There is a way to become masters of our own minds, habits and emotional behaviours so they no longer govern how we feel and how we show up in the space.

Many of us move through life trapped in our minds, believing we are the thoughts in our heads, but we are not. We are the deeper conscious presence that can recognise and observe our thoughts. By delving inwards to better understand our true nature, we can venture outwards with reframed mindsets and bring about real, positive change together while still staying well.

Our Vision for Uplevelled Wellbeing in Web3

Reframe our relationship with our minds to help us stay well in the space

Embrace the power of community to stay connected without isolation

Transform perspectives to doing and being so we can stay busy without burnout

Celebrate collective progress so we can all flourish and create without FOMO

Join us in pledging to power awakening and take better care of our individual and collective minds,
so we can change the world from the inside out.

Sign with your wallet to vote for proposals now.

Let’s pave the way towards a brighter, more mindful future, together.

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Pledge to revolutionise wellbeing in web3
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